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Hello, I'm Rachel. Welcome to A Season of Self Care ~ a holistic wellness and contemplative arts program for women who want to take good care of themselves, and explore what is emerging next.

Many of the women I work with want to wake up and feel energized, and excited about their lives no matter their age. They want stamina to do the things in the world they love, and they want to feel good in their bodies. If you want this too, then this program is for you.

My role as a counsellor, health & wellness coach, and contemplative arts instructor is to support you to take small steps towards the life you most desire now. We will also work together to help you feel better in your body, find balance in the many aspects of your life, and discover what is emerging next for you.

The program is 'live' through Zoom so you can join from wherever you live. You will also spend time in nature to restore yourself and find creative inspiration. I often have women from across the world in my programs and courses who develop friendships and creative collaborations. 

Below is an outline of the program which will lead you into a new relationship with self that is creative and meaningful.

I offer a free 30 minute virtual tea if you have questions or would like to meet first. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also learn more about me and my credentials at the bottom. 

Wishing you the very best, Rachel

Women's Wellness Program: News and Tips
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Spring is the perfect season to grow yourself. A Season of Self Care is designed to help you take a seasonal time out to deeply support your inner creative life, your body, digestion, sleep rhythms, and your nervous system. Being in connection with the plants, forests, mountains, oceans and stars is the best way to do this, they are some of the best medicine for our growth & well-being. The natural world is where we find beauty, discover new parts of ourselves, and uncover creative solutions to long-standing problems. 

Over the Spring you will be supported to:

  • explore what is wanting creative expression through you

  • achieve health and wellness goals that are important to you 

  • integrate mindful wellness and seasonal practices into your daily life

  • practice the art of forest bathing, star gazing, wandering, and immersion into nature soundscapes to benefit from the healing effects of nature

  • learn calming contemplative arts like nature based arts, mindful photography, reflective journalling, and zen gardening 

Benefits from the program include:

  • increased contentment & ease in your life

  • daily experiences of goodness and beauty 

  • inter-connectedness with others and the natural world

  • new adventures and stories to live

  • a calmer and clearer mind, and a more happier and relaxed body

It isn't always easy to truly know ourselves without trusted allies and support, or sustain change when you are doing it on your own. Studies show you are up to 85% more likely to shift your perspective and move towards meaningful change when working with others on the same path.

STARTS Sunday, April 2 - June 18, 2023

*Only 1 spot available now.

Women's Wellness Program: Text

Program Overview

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  • 12 weeks of high levels of support including: individual and group coaching; mind, body & spiritual practices, seasonal living prompts; contemplation and self reflection; and, motivational strategies to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

  • Sunday morning group coaching 2x month. The focus of these sessions is to set up your week for mindfulness, select specific mindful wellness practices to integrate into your daily life, find inspiration from art and nature, and share your creative ideas and work.

  • One-to-one session 1x month to set personal goals and small steps action plan, and integrate your learning, problem solve, and fine tune approaches.

  • Contemplative art practices like mindful photography, reflective writing, nature based art, gardening, meditation, and forest bathing.

Month One: Awaken

  • In April you will begin working with mindful and contemplative practices for the mind, body and soul so you can learn more about what you need to thrive in all 3 of these areas. You will also venture out into the forest to experience wonder, and learn the art of forest bathing and other nature based practices to restore yourself.

  • You will also begin exploring health and wellness goals that are important to you.

  • Holistic wellness is an approach to life that considers multi-dimensional aspects of wellness. The goal in this program is to give you experiences in all of these dimensions.

  • During this month you will also be encouraged to slow your life down so you have time to rest, reflect and recover. 

  • Every month you will receive high levels of support from twice monthly group coaching sessions, and individual follow up.

  • The frequent touch points are what makes all the difference when trying to shift patterns and allow new parts of self to emerge.

Month Two: Grow

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  • May will be a month of exploring parts of self that are wanting to emerge. You will choose one or two writing or art practices like reflective journaling or mindful photography to help you do this. Perhaps you want to live a new story, travel to new landscapes, change careers, end a relationship, or close a chapter and set the stage for a new one. Whatever it is, growing this part of you will be the focus this month.

  • During this month you will be inspired by artists, photographers, writers, healers, and poets. There is so much amazing beauty in the world that can help us learn, grow, and evolve. 

  • You will continue working on personal goals, and we will also talk about how wellness must encompass all parts of who we are, even the ones we do not like. 

  • Twice monthly coaching calls and individual follow up continues.

Month Three: Evolve

  • As we enter June, you will formulate an action plan and develop small steps to support a part of you that has emerged through your creative work in the program. 

  • You will practice saying "no" to the things that pull you away from the things you love - and "yes" to the things that bring you excitement and joy.

  • You will continue to explore the healing, calming, and restorative effects found in nature.​ Remembering that the forests, mountains, oceans and stars are the best medicine for your growth and well-being.

  • You will also build a garden of your choice this month and develop a consistent mindfulness and meditation practice.

  • Friendships and new connections will also be encouraged.

  • By the end of this month you will have a clear road map for where you are headed next, and a small portfolio of creative work completed over the program's three month period.

  • Twice monthly coaching calls and individual follow up will wrap up our final month together.

Women's Wellness Program: Services

program costs

This is a monthly program with high levels of support and encouragement so you can achieve the health and wellness goals you desire, and support new parts of self to emerge.

I offer a sliding scale of $250 - $300 CAD plus GST per month x 3 months. Total coaching hours are 4.5 hours per month (4 hours group coaching, 30 minute individual session). Total program coaching hours are 13.5 hours plus email/text support, private FB group, and access to resources to help you make the changes you desire.

Most coaching programs in this space are very expensive for 3 months but I don't believe in this. I work hard to keep value high and monthly costs manageable to ensure more women have access to in-person support. My role is to help you achieve the results you want.

You can pay each month with credit card, paypal or by etransfer to

Refunds are not available once the the month begins as I will not be able to fill your seat, but you can choose to not continue in the program at the beginning of each month. This means you can try the program out and see if it is a fit for you!

Seats available: 1 left

Women's Wellness Program: About Me

dates & next steps


Sun, April 2

Sun, April 23

Sun, May 7

Sun, May 21

Sun, June 4

Sun, June 18


West Coast  10:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

East Coast    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Overseas      Sunday evenings

Next Steps:

If this program is calling to you and you have time this spring to focus on your health and well-being, then please join us. The next step is to complete the registration form, available at the link below. 

There is no pressure from me ever, so please feel free to reach out and ask questions. You don't have to be alone in this thing we call life:)

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you through this journey.

All the best, Rachel 

Women's Wellness Program: About


What Women Are Saying

Women's Wellness Program: Testimonials

Recently retired, I found myself feeling lost and searching for “ what is next?” “ what opportunities are there for me?” “Where do my passions now lead?” I had given so much of myself over forty years of service to others and family, I had to rediscover how to give to myself!

Rachel’s kind and caring way help me unwind and turn inward, in order to discover what truly was important to me. Rachel’s knowledgeable guidance, taught me to be present and mindful of what I required to heal and grow in this new transformational phase of my life. 

Millie, 63

I had tried many versions of self help, counselling, groups. I was skeptical that yet another group program could be beneficial but I took the leap and registered. I am so glad I did. The ability to connect anywhere was so helpful! And the attentiveness from Rachel - this program exceeded my expectations as far as accessibility with Rachel. My eyes were opened to what self care could/should look like. Definitely a life changing experience for me. Highly recommend this program.

Wendy, 52

Through this program I was able to identify areas where I desired growth, set goals, achieve them, but also give myself grace where I fell short. I always felt safe and supported to share to my comfort level. The mindfulness activities are tools I will use long after the program concludes.

I highly recommend Season of Self Care!

Lori, 58

more about me

Rachel Schmidt BSW, PLC

I use nature based mindfulness, psychosynthesis, and contemplative arts to help women shift their awareness into self reflection and mindfulness so they can discover, express, and integrate parts of self, and live the life that is calling them. Because a calm and clear mind creates a deeply happy body and soul.

My studio is located in a forest in British Columbia, Canada surrounded by 150-year-old trees. I have a degree in social work with 30 years of experience, along with certification in a depth psychology coaching approach called Psychosynthesis, and a background in holistic wellness, teaching and visual arts. I blend these practices together to create contemplative arts and wellness programs where over 100 women across the world have met online in safe, creative and generative spaces.

Women's Wellness Program: About Me
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