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a season of self care

Hello and welcome to 'A Season of Self Care' ~ a 4 month online holistic wellness and healing program for women wanting to feel better in their bodies, find balance in the many aspects of their lives and careers, and make new connections. The goal of this program is to offer inspiration, motivation, self care routines, and high levels of support so you can increase your sense of well-being in your body and life, and achieve the health and wellness goals you desire.

Fall and winter are the perfect time to slow down, to heal, dream, rejuvenate, and reset. Taking a seasonal time out can deeply support your inner creative life, your body, digestion, sleep rhythms, and your nervous system. 

It isn't always easy to change patterns when you are doing it on your own. Studies show you are up to 85% more likely to reach your goals when working with others on the same path. Please know it doesn't matter how many times you have been down this road, real change is possible. Learning all the ways your body and mind speak to you is the key to transformation and lasting change.

STARTS Nov 2/22 - Feb 22/23

Seats Available: 3 left

A Season of Self Care Program: About Me
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program overview

  • 16 weeks of coaching support, mindfulness & motivational strategies to help achieve your health and wellness goals.

  • Contemplative calming practices and somatic techniques to calm your nervous system and help you rest, recover & renew.

  • Step by step road map to help you integrate new mindful and wellness practices into your daily life.

  • 2 hour zoom group sessions 2x month to stay true to self, reflect on your progress, tweak your approach if needed, learn from other women, foster new connections, and cheer one another on.

  • One-to-one monthly follow up, and support. 

  • Techniques to learn the language of your body, and skills to know how to care for it in the ways it needs. 

  • Strategies like bullet journalling and habit tracking techniques to help you succeed

  • Mindful practices to deal with emotional eating and stressful situations.

A Season of Self Care Program: About Me

the 4 month program

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Month One: Rest & Nourish

Soothe & Comfort

  • As autumn and winter set in you will work towards slowing down your life so you can rest. You will choose one or two small, intentional goals to work on, and experiment with them. The goal this month is to maximize rest periods, flood the body with nutrients, calm the nervous system, and repair cells. For example, this could be increasing sleep, eating warmer foods, finding quiet time to restore energy levels, balancing hormones, or learning how to be more present.

  • For every woman this goal will be different and unique in relation to what your body needs to rest and recover. During this month you will also have time to begin learning the language of your body, and understand any feelings that are trying to emerge.

  • Every month you will receive high levels of support from twice monthly group coaching sessions, and individual follow up. The frequent touch points are what makes all the difference when trying to shift patterns and allow new parts of self to emerge.

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Month Two: Dream & Reflect

Stillness & Self

  • After a month of resting and nourishing your body, December will be a month of dreaming and reflecting. You will choose one or two new, small goals to help nurture your inner creative life. Perhaps you want to live a new story, find ways to discover what is wanting creative expression through you, develop a spiritual practice, or close a chapter and set the stage for a new one.

  • During this month you will be inspired by artists, writers, healers, and poets. There is so much amazing beauty in the world that can help us learn, grow, and evolve. When we move out our thinking minds, and into the knowing body - old patterns lose their power.

  • We will also talk about how wellness must encompass all parts of who we are, even the ones we do not like. It's important to understand whose voice is living in your head and how you can make peace with it, so you can let your heart and intuition guide you.

  • Twice monthly coaching calls and individual follow up continues.

Image by Madrona Rose

Month Three: Recovery & Renewal

Awaken & New Growth

  • As we enter the new year, you will work on creating a holistic wellness plan based on 8 Dimensions of Wellness and the principle of health at every size that is easy to follow. By now you have had 2 months of practice implementing small changes, and you are feeling successful. You will receive a template to work from, and you will begin to implement the plan while reflecting on what is working, and what needs to be adjusted. Keeping goals small and manageable, and letting your body guide you will be the key to continued success.

  • ​We will also complete some nature wellness challenges together to keep the fun factor front and centre. A major theme in this program is nature based mindfulness, and how we can learn from patterns, forms, and cycles in nature. I believe that being in connection with the forests, mountains, oceans and stars is the best medicine for our growth and well-being.

Winter Biking

Month Four: Integration & Wholeness

Well-Being & Vitality

  • Our final month together is all about integrating what you have learned so you leave the program feeling nourished, whole, and excited about the future. Spring will be in the air and we will talk about how to transition your body to a new season.

  • You will also engage in self reflective and contemplative exercises, while putting the final touches on your holistic wellness plan. We will continue to engage in nature wellness challenges and joyful movement.

  • At our last group session we will celebrate your successes, and identify any other supports you may need for your health and wellness journey. 

  • You will also have the opportunity to continue into the Spring Program if you loved the focus on seasonal living, and have additional self care goals.

A Season of Self Care Program: Services

program benefits

In addition to completing a fall - winter - spring transformation and feeling proud of yourself for achieving your wellness goals, and for devoting 4 months to loving yourself, you will also see benefits in the areas of:

  1. Concentration, Mindfulness & Energy Levels - so you can achieve all those little and big goals you have been wanting to accomplish.

  2. Your Relationship With Your Body - so you feel good about your health, and the body you are living in no matter your size or physical abilities.

  3. Clarity - so you can say "no” to things that pull you away from the things you love ~ and “yes” to the things that bring you excitement, purpose and joy.

  4. Well-Being & Confidence - so you feel more settled, grounded, and anchored in your day-to-day life and prepared to handle any obstacle that comes your way.

  5. Connection with Nature - so you can enjoy the healing, calming, and restorative effects found in every season.

  6. Support Network - so you stay connected, inspired, and motivated to be the you, you really want to be.

A Season of Self Care Program: About Me
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program costs

This is a monthly program with high levels of support and encouragement so you can achieve the health and wellness goals you set.

I offer a sliding scale of $250 - $300 CAD plus GST tax per month x 4 months. Total group coaching hours are 16, plus additional one-to-one follow up, and wellness resources and templates. I work hard to keep value high and monthly costs manageable to ensure more women have access to support. My role is to help you achieve the results you desire. 

You can pay each month with credit card, paypal or by etransfer to

Please note if you withdraw a week before the program begins a full refund is available. This gives me time to fill your seat. Refunds are not available once the program begins as I will not be able to fill your seat. Thank you for understanding

A Season of Self Care Program: About Me

dates & next steps

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  • Wed, Nov 2

  • Wed, Nov 23

  • Wed, Dec 7

  • Wed, Dec 28

  • Wed, Jan 11

  • Wed, Jan 25

  • Wed, Feb 8

  • Wed, Feb 22


West Coast  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

East Coast   8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Next Steps:

If this program is calling to you and you have time this fall and winter to rest and dream, and focus on your health and well-being, then please join us. The next step is to complete the registration form, available at the link below. There is no sales pressure from me ever, so please feel free to reach out and ask questions. You don't have to be alone in this thing we call life:)

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you through this journey.

All the best, Rachel 

A Season of Self Care Program: About

about me

Rachel Schmidt BSW, PLC

Hi, I'm Rachel. I use nature based mindfulness, psychosynthesis, and contemplative arts to help women shift their awareness into self reflection and mindfulness so they can discover, express, and integrate parts of self, and live the life that is calling them. Because a calm and clear mind creates a deeply happy body and soul.

Many of the women I work with have an urge to be free. A vision of a life at the edge of their consciousness trying to emerge. A desire to live another story, a new version of self wanting to explore the world. If you feel this too then something is trying to get your attention. Are you listening, can you open space to allow these parts to come forward, to be in relationship with them? I would be honoured to help you do this work.

My studio is located in a forest in British Columbia, Canada surrounded by 150-year-old trees. I have a degree in social work with 30 years of experience, along with certification in a depth psychology coaching approach called Psychosynthesis, and a background in holistic wellness, teaching and visual arts. I blend these practices together to create contemplative arts and wellness programs where over 100 women across the world have met online in safe, creative and generative spaces.

A Season of Self Care Program: About Me
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