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Embrace midlife

A blueprint for helping you re-imagine self and design a meaningful life in middle age. There are new parts of you waiting to emerge and new stories to live.

Midlife: About Me
Waterside Women


Connection, purpose, meaning, and integration.

You are not alone if you are feeling lost or disorientated in middle age. This is the time when careers are changing, kids are growing up, parents are aging, health issues may be emerging, retirement is near, and death and grief are more common. These experiences force us to redefine who we are in the world, readjust to loss, and accept that our bodies are aging. This developmental process can sometimes feel deeply unsettling, and that is why people refer to it as a mid-life crisis. The ego has a difficult time letting go of who we were or who we want to be.

But what if middle age was an awakening and a call to self? An invitation to find deeper meaning and purpose. A time to celebrate the richest and most profound time in our lives, and integrate and share all that we have learned. 

There is a blueprint to help you through this developmental stage and transformation so you feel more fully engaged in a meaningful, balanced, happy life.

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Psychosynthesis is a mind, body, spirit, nature approach focused on integrating all parts of self so that you feel whole, balanced and connected to a meaningful life. This type of coaching is different than life coaching and different from counselling. In general, coaching is a forward motion focused on achieving goals. Depth psychology coaching is active and goal focused as well but what makes it different is that it is a deep dive into your body and psyche to understand how you got stuck in the first place - and then working mindfully to align and integrate these parts of self so you can change patterns for good. It is the best formula for achieving the goals you desire, and becoming the happiest soul you know.

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Connect with your inner voice of wisdom, clarity and compassion and explore who you are now in this stage of your life, reflect on what you have learned throughout your life, define what values are most important to you and where you want to spend your time, discover a new purpose and what matters most to you.


Identify current challenges and explore the places where you feel stuck, identify blocks and process difficult emotions, gain new understanding about the roles you play or are expected to play, begin developing new goals and designing the life you want now.


Conduct small, low risk lifestyle experiments to see what feels right, observe with curiosity and gather information, evaluate and build on what is working and tweak what isn't working.


Design the holistic lifestyle you desire (mind, body and spirit) and develop daily mindful practices to create this life, build an intentional community, land a new role, develop new relationships, resolve conflicts, evaluate choices and decisions, and find an inner calm.

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There are three options for working for me:


1.5 Hour Self Reflection Session to map out where you are now in your life, and set the stage for change. Perfect way to test out if this approach is right for you.


Includes high touch weekly coaching sessions and email support over 4 weeks to begin moving through the Blueprint steps. Option to renew each month based on your results and satisfaction, or cancel at the end of your paid month.

3. FOUR MONTH COACHING PACKAGE - $1850.00 ($250 Savings)

The "I'm all in package" includes high touch weekly coaching sessions and email support over 16 weeks to move through all steps in the Blueprint process. Includes a personalized one year mindfulness and wellness plan.

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What Clients Are Saying

"It is not easy parenting, working full time, and supporting aging parents. It is a delicate balancing act that at times feels overwhelming and exhausting. Coaching helped me sort through all of my feelings, and prioritize my own needs while finding creative solutions to ensure everyone else's needs were met. My weekly sessions with Rachel were inspiring, and kept me focused, accountable and moving forward."

Lisa, 45

"This work was a life saver for me. I was going through a very difficult time after my husband passed away. I felt lost and life didn't feel very enjoyable. Facing this loss and finding new meaning in my life helped me find my way through. I feel very lucky to have found Rachel."

Betty, 66

Midlife: Testimonials
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