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When leaders commit to making problems important to solve, and actively support solutions with structures that encourage long-term change, organizational trust increases and a new work culture can evolve.


  • Align your organization's true purpose with meaningful goals 

  • Respond to what is truly important, so your company is building slowly but surely towards a healthier world

  • Understand the eco-system you are working in, and where you can increase collective impact

  • Decide on your organization's legacy and future accomplishments

  • Prevent employee burn-out and get your company's mojo back

  • Increase effectiveness, mindfulness, and happiness in your organization

  • Become a visionary leader who is known for your values, and commitment to the higher good

  • Nail down your own career goals for professional and personal growth

MEET Rachel Schmidt, BSW, PLC

Rachel Schmidt is a consultant and coach in organizational design and brings over 30 years of social work experience, including global development, project management, communications, and a teaching and facilitation background. For the past 8 years she has led numerous, large scale, successful health care improvement projects in Kootenay Boundary. Her depth psychology coaching approach can help teams, leaders and organizations achieve organizational health and wellness so that impact and outcomes are optimized. 

What is depth psychology coaching & CONSULTING?

Depth Psychology Coaching focuses on the developmental journey of ourselves in our personal and professional lives so we can better understand who we are in the roles we play. In a professional context it means understanding professional edges, inner and outer agendas, projections and reactions to conflict and uncertainty, organizational culture and group behaviour, power, gender and race, and motivational approaches to building a collective vision and charting a path forward.

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Colleagues Working Together

Project Management Intensives & Coaching

Create a Game Plan

Designed for project managers who want to build both personal and collective capacity for high impact strategic action by integrating a depth psychology and systems view into their work and perspective. This full day Project Manager training and group coaching intensive will equip you with the thinking, tools, and techniques you require to strengthen your ability to lead systems change, and manage project teams. Designed for new and advanced project managers.


  • Understand eco-systems and complex systems, and identify opportunities for strategic action, risk mitigation, and collective impact.

  • Recognize how complex projects evolve and how to effectively manage these changes along the way.

  • Expand self-awareness and knowledge, and create a plan to build a team to maximize strengths and support limitations.

  • Develop effective approaches for managing project teams, advisory committees, and Boards.

  • Develop or add to a project management/group facilitation toolbox, including strategies to manage contentious meetings and what to do when things go sideways.

  • Learn new strategies for creatively engaging and building trusting relationships between stakeholders.

A Psychosynthesis approach allows for a creative synthesis of experiential learning, self-awareness, skills practice and theoretical ideas. Participants are encouraged to engage in a continuous reflective dialogue between Intensive learning and their own professional practice. Follow up group and/or individual coaching sessions are available. 

Professional Young Woman

Leadership Development Coaching

Become a Great Leader

A depth psychology approach can help leaders align with a clear purpose to make their work more meaningful. Leadership Coaching can help you deliver on your vision in a way that conveys this meaning and drives positive change within your organization.

Learn how to:

  • Create a compelling vision and communicate it

  • Better understand how social, gender, and cultural factors can influence what you can achieve

  • Strategize how to build a team around you to maximize your strengths and support your limitations


Non-Profit Development & Community Engagement

Advance Your Mission

Supporting people to work together to tackle complex issues can be tricky, these big challenges in society are never shifted alone. Knowing how to identify, engage, and connect the right people is key to advancing your mission. Knowing how to lead, inspire and support your organization is key to changing the hearts and minds of the people. 

Learn how to:​

  • Understand the big roadblocks from a systems perspective

  • Develop a strategic plan with multiple interventions to a complex problem

  • Engage your community in creative and meaningful ways, and shift narratives in the media

  • Engage key actors and leverage their strengths and connections

  • Build a meaningful legacy and be known for these contributions

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