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Tend to Your Body and Feed Your Soul

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Dear Body

You are already whole and beautiful at every size.

NOURISH is a Mind, Body, Spirit Intensive program designed to help you tend to your body, feed your inner life, and integrate nature based mindfulness and spiritual practices into your life so you can mindfully shift behaviours you find limiting in a way that does not activate harmful dieting patterns. The focus of this Intensive is on helping you produce positive health outcomes independent of body weight. It consists of weekly coaching support with me, and a holistic wellness plan we develop together to help you reconnect to all parts of self and come home to your body.

Depth psychology coaching is different than counselling. In general, coaching is a forward motion focused on achieving goals. Depth psychology coaching is trauma informed, active and goal focused as well but what makes it different is that it is a deep dive into your body and psyche to understand where you are stuck and why - and then working mindfully to align and integrate these parts of self so you can change patterns for good and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

I am honoured to create a safe and empowering space for women to turn inward, get introspective, and create what they truly want in their lives. My background includes a degree in Social Work (BSW), 20 years of counselling experience, training and certification in a depth psychology coaching approach called Psychosynthesis (PLC), and expertise in nature based mindfulness. 



There are two options to work with me:


1.5 hour session to discuss your health and wellness goals. Leave this session with new ways to connect and tend to your body.


Weekly one-to-one coaching sessions to:​​

  • explore the language of your body, dreams, and the call of self

  • identify feelings, triggers and the symbolism behind using food to comfort, protect or distract

  • learn to meet your emotional and spiritual needs in new ways

  • explore the many personalities of self and what they can teach you

  • create a holistic wellness plan for health at every size

  • learn nature-based mindfulness techniques to reset your nervous system, discharge trauma, and reconnect to goodness

  • practice and reflect on what you are learning and integrate what is working

The Intensive format includes frequent check-ins like texting and audio messaging to support you. Renew monthly if you would like to continue with this work, or cancel at the end of your paid month.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about this work and see if it is a fit for you.



What Women Are Saying

“Learning to listen to the language of my body took some time but I keep practicing. With Rachel's help I am beginning to understand that my preoccupation with food is a form of self protection, so I am working hard to learn new ways to keep myself grounded and safe."

Laura, 19

“Understanding where and when I started using food to comfort myself, and going back to heal and integrate these parts of myself, is allowing me to break free from the lifelong war I have been having with my body. The key for me is staying true to the mind, body, and spiritual practices I set for myself - and remembering that I am already whole."

Carrie, 55